Retirement Plans

  Many individuals have large qualified retirement plans such as an IRA, 401(k), or Keogh plan. These assets have been growing tax-free for years. Once the owner begins to receive payments from the qualified plans, the distributions are taxed. The plans are also included in the owner's taxable estate. A retirement plan may be an excellent source of funds for making a gift to the OEHF.

There are two ways to donate your retirement plan to the OEHF. First, you can name the Occupational & Environmental Health Foundation as the beneficiary of the plan, or you can name a family member beneficiary, with the OEHF as an alternative or contingent beneficiary. Monies coming to the OEHF will not be taxed either through estate or income taxes.

Another way to make a gift of your retirement plan is to create a charitable remainder trust through your will.