Founders Circle


Individuals Contributing $1,000 or More

  • Cheryl S. Barbanel, MD
  • Marc L. Berger, MD
  • Mary E. Brothers, MD
  • Daniel Brown, MD
  • William B. Bunn, III, MD
  • Wayne N. Burton, MD
  • Kenneth Chase, MD
  • Roy L. DeHart, MD
  • Barry S. Eisenberg, CAE
  • Edward A. Emmett, MD
  • Joseph A. Fortuna, MD
  • Henry M. Goldberg, MD
  • Peter P. Greany, MD  
  • J. Frederic Green, MD
  • Dean A. Grove, MD
  • Tee L. Guidotti, MD
  • Pamela Hymel, MD
  • Robert A. Ingram
  • Doris L. Konicki, MS
  • Gottfried F. H. Lehmann, MD
  • Vance Masci, MD
  • Mark A. Roberts, MD
  • A. I. Saheba, MD
  • Gregg M. Stave, MD
  • Sue H. Wester, MD

Corporations Contributing $50,000 or more

  • Comprehensive Health Services, Inc
  • Pfizer Inc

James Mitchell & Dr. Wanago,
Comprehensive Health Services –
Member of the Founders Circle

Dr. Fred Green and Dr. Tee Guidotti,
Members of the Founders Circle
& major contributors to the Foundation